Wearable Tracking.

Track progress on the web, mobile and wearable device

Tracking Progress. Completing Goals

Wearables, in the health and wellness world, are commonly referred to as Activity Trackers or Fitness Trackers. There are so many different types and brands on the market that can track steps, heart rate, and sleep and connect directly to your smartphone or computer for long-term tracking. This is all the rage and it seems like everyone has one, but how can you utilize these to improve your health?

This is where Elevation's customizable technology comes in! We can help create a program that incentivizes participants to achieve daily, weekly, and/or monthly goals by connecting wearables to our Wellness Portal. Participants can track their progress, view leader boards, participate in challenges, and more! Our Wellness Portal can connect with a variety of trackers so that everyone can participate in one platform.

It doesn't have to stop at just a walking program. Active minutes, sleep, water consumption, stairs climbed... The possibilities are endless! And the best part is that ANYONE can participate from ANYWHERE with challenges for EVERYONE!

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