We work with a variety of clients outside of just fitness. Checkout some of the industries we work with.


Fitness and Wellness Management for Corporations

Looking for a way to keep your employee motivated to come to work?  Get Elevation involved in creating your customized fitness and wellness program that will keep your employees engaged in their health, moving their bodies, and working towards a wellness goal.


Fitness Management in Residential Communities

Looking to create a fun environment that will keep your residents healthy, social, and love where they live? Our Design Team can start by creating a social space that includes fitness and wellness activities.

Multi-Tenant Buildings

Onsite Management in Office Buildings

We believe the key to having a standout commercial building is by providing state-of-the-art fitness amenities. Elevation provides onsite services which keep the employees of your tenants happy, healthy and excited to come to work!

Senior & Active Aging

Fitness & Wellness Programs for Seniors

Our highly educated and experienced staff specialize in helping older adults become confident exercising. We create fun programs to keep people motivated and increase understanding of overall health and wellness as we age.

Country Clubs

Public & Private Member Club Facilities

Looking for fun and innovative wellness programs to keep your members engaged all year long? The Elevation Team can create programming and wellness events that keep your members active and engaged.


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