Online Wellness Coaching

Have you ever felt like your being pulled in a thousand different directions? Have you wanted to make a change in your lifestyle but aren’t sure how to get started? We can help clear a path and align your life to achieve your goals.


How It Works

As Wellness Coaches, we help you create structure in your life through accountability, expert guidance, and inspiration. We give you a supportive environment to achieve your goals, all while helping you to build confidence, improve self-esteem, increase life satisfaction.

Step 1: Choose A Package

We have varying coaching packages to choose from that are tailored to fit your unique needs. 

Step 2: Set Up A Consultation

Once you select a Coach, you'll get to meet virtually so that your Coach can learn more about you, set realistic goals, and create a game plan for success. 

Step 3: Take Action

Through a Skype or Google Hangout session, you’ll be able to meet with your Wellness Coach weekly to stay accountable to your goals.

Choose Your Perfect Coach

Our Wellness Coaches have different backgrounds, life experiences, and strengths. No matter who you choose, each Coach can give you the building blocks you need to start creating the change you want to see.

We Eliminate Roadblocks & Pave New Ways To Live

During your initial consultation, you will fill out a life balance wheel that looks at 8 aspects of your life. From this exercise, we learn how you should get started, what barriers are preventing you from reaching your goals, who you can count on to support you, and most importantly, allow you to take action on reaching goals.

Why Wellness Coaching?

Just like hiring a personal trainer to help with your fitness, or a nutritionist to help with your eating habits, we all can benefit from hiring a coach to help us with our lives! A good coach will help you find roadblocks you didn't even know existed and help you discover opportunities to grow and succeed.

Built In Accountability

Change is hard when you do it alone. Having a Wellness Coach can help enforce habits and behaviors you've always wanted to but could never do alone.

Clarity In Your Purpose

Having clarity in your purpose and what you're supposed to do each day reduces stress, increases confidence, and helps you move forward. 

Proven Results

We don't just talk the talk, our Clients are loving their results by working with a Coach. No more confusion, no more guessing. Finally get the results you want. 

"I so appreciate the conversation, counsel and healthy guidance you have offered."

Wellness Coaching Client

"Thank you for giving me another outlet to help process all this…..I know it’s helping."

Wellness Coaching Client

Choose A Package That's Right For You

We have varying packages depending on your journey, from a Starter Package for new clients, subscription package for ongoing clients, and a-la-carte options.




60-Minute Consultation

Three 30-Minute Check-In Calls





60-Minute Consultation

Weekly 30-Minute Check-In Calls





We offer:

  • Single 30-Minute Sessions
  • Five 30-Minute Sessions
  • 10 30-Minute Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a package, you'll be sent an email to select the Wellness Coach you want to work with. Your Coach will reach out to you to set up your first initial consultation, where you'll be able to discuss goals, potential roadblocks, and create an action plan for success. Based on your availability, you'll be able to set up check-in calls each week with your Coach for accountability and ongoing support. 

When your purchase a Starter or A La Carte package, you'll be billed just once. When you purchase our Subscription Package, you'll automatically be set up for monthly recurring payments. You can cancel at anytime.

Elevation Corporate Health's coaching packages are non-refundable. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with your coach, you may contact us to provide you with a new coach to continue your service. If you have any unanswered questions, we provide full assistance to resolve any question or problem you may have.

Contact us at [email protected] and someone from our team will reach out to you!


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