Online Personal Training

Working with a trainer has never been more convenient or affordable until now. With online personal training, you can achieve your goals without a gym, equipment, or pricey membership.


How It Works

We know how hard it is to fit in workouts with a full-time job, errands, kids, and your social life. That's why we have custom solutions to make it easy and convenient.

Step 1: Choose A Package

We have 3 packages to choose from depending on how much support you want from your Coach.

Step 2: Set Up A Consultation

Once you select a Coach, you'll get to meet virtually so that your Coach can learn more about you, set realistic goals, and create a game plan for success. 

Step 3: Get Custom Workouts Weekly

You'll receive custom workouts weekly via instant downloadable PDFs, with instructions and video demos to help. 

Choose Your Perfect Trainer

We have a variety of professional Certified Trainers all around the US, all with unique backgrounds and experience working in the industry. No matter who you choose, every Trainer can create a personalized plan for your fitness level and goals. 

Get One-on-One Support & Accountability

If you need extra motivation for the week, or unsure of how to do a certain exercise, your trainer is there to keep you on track every step of the way.

A Workout Plan That's Made Just For You

No more guessing. No more excuses. No more starting over. With a Coach, we can help you overcome your weight loss plateau and make fitness a lifestyle. 

Why Should I Train With An Online Trainer?

Great question! More and more people are turning to online coaching because of the convenience, affordability, and tailored customization.

Easy & Convenient

It's as easy as pulling out your phone and getting an entire workout plan laid out for you. We pave the roadmap to your success.

No Gym Required

Whether your gym is a full-scale facility or inside your living room, your Trainer's got you covered. Our Trainers can customize your workouts with any type of equipment you have available.

Your Time, Your Way

Want to get in a sweat in the AM, lunchtime, or after work? It's your call. You choose when you want to get it done. 

"I love the flexibility and convenience of the online coaching program. My coach sends me my workouts through the app and I can then fit them in when my schedule allows, without us having to find a time that works for both of our busy schedules. The app is great in that it's easy to use and includes videos that show proper form for the exercises. I also like being able to chat with my coach and send her questions or updates through the app. Having a coach who can see if I've done my workouts and who checks in with me regularly holds me accountable."

Denver, Colorado

Choose A Package That's Right For You

Choose from our Basic, Deluxe, or Premium packages. Every package is an ongoing monthly subscription.




Custom Training Program

4-Week Programming

1 hr. Consultation Call

Fitness Assessment

8 Custom Workouts

Check-In Calls

Email Access





Custom Training Program

4-Week Programming

1 hr. Consultation Call

Fitness & Nutrition Assessment

10 Custom Workouts

2 Check-In Calls

Nutrition Coaching

Email Access 





Custom Training Program

4-Week Programming

1 hr. Consultation Call

Fitness & Nutrition Assessment

12 Custom Workouts

4 Check-In Calls

Nutrition Coaching

Email Access 

1 Live Video Demo

Online Workout Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a package, you'll complete a comprehensive fitness assessment and choose a Coach that you want to work with. Your Coach will reach out to you to set up your first initial consultation, where you'll be able to discuss goals, potential roadblocks, and create an action plan for success. Your Coach will provide you with weekly workouts via instant downloadable PDFs. Based on your availability, you'll be able to set up check-in calls each week with your Coach for accountability and ongoing support. 

Not a problem! Our Trainers can create custom programs that you can do right at home with just your body weight or "equipment" around your house! 

When you purchase a package, you'll automatically be set up for monthly recurring payments. You can cancel at anytime.

It depends on the package you purchase! You and your coach will determine the best, most sustainable frequency to follow. Most clients do best with 2-3 custom workouts per week. 

When you purchase a Deluxe or Premium package, the coaches you get to choose from will also be Certified Nutrition Coaches! You'll be able to set up meetings to discuss nutrition topics that will help you reach your goals. 

Elevation Corporate Health's coaching packages are non-refundable. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with your coach, you may contact us to provide you with a new coach to continue your service. If you have any unanswered questions, we provide full assistance to resolve any question or problem you may have.


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