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Employee of the Month: Kaya Eubanks

employee spotlights Sep 26, 2019

Congrats to Kaya Eubanks for being nominated as Employee of the Month. 

Kaya is the Fitness Manager over at Metropolis. She's been with Elevation for about 4 years now starting as an intern while attending Towson University, then a fitness specialist at The Cooley Center (shoutout Baltimore!) and now a manager in Irvine, CA. Since starting at Metropolis when the doors first opened until now the fitness center continues to grow because of the welcoming and fun community through programming, group fitness classes and personal training. She is really excited to help create the same gym-loving community over at Elements with her new teammate! Outside of overseeing Metropolis Kaya enjoys taking boutique classes in the area and spending time with family and friends.  

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Employee of the Month: Jessica Bond

employee spotlights Jul 22, 2019

Congrats to Jessica Bond as being selected as Employee of the Month for July!  Jessica just returned from a trip to IDEA World Fitness Convention that she earned from cashing in CECs.  She was also just promoted to manager of Arrow Electronics last week as well! Read below to learn more about Jessica. 

This month marks 4 years with Elevation and an exciting promotion to manager!  I started with Elevation helping out with coverage at multiple locations and eventually became a fitness specialist at Level 3.  Then I made my way to Arrow Electronics and now I am ready to take on the role of managing the fitness center.  I want to thank Elevation for this opportunity and all the amazing people who have helped me get here.  I love working in corporate wellness because of the members.  I enjoy challenging them to meet their fitness goals or getting them excited about the next incentive program.  I love learning about health...

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