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Elevation Donates to the Bettie Jane Cancer Foundation

elevation news Jan 30, 2019

Congratulations to our December winner, Erin-Leigh Trageser, for her nomination to our Charity Program – “Elevate our Community”!

Erin-Leigh nominated the Bettie Jane Cancer Foundation (BJCF)


What is the Bettie Jane Cancer Foundation?

Owner and Director of Bettie Jane’s Center of Dance Art, Bettie Jane Bryant has served and continues to serve Frederick County for over 55 years.

In the fall of 2008, Bettie Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had a double mastectomy at the end of October. She began Chemotherapy in December through March and had 28 radiation treatments in April and May. She is now on the 10 year plan of Hormone Therapy. As of this date, she is cancer free.

During her treatments, she, her dance students and faculty decided to hold a 5K Walk to benefit The Cancer Care Center of Frederick, in order to help local cancer patients in need. The 1st Annual 5K Walk in 2009 raised over $10,000. She has held a total of 8 walks to date generating over $95,000. With the support of The Cancer Care Center of Frederick, The Bettie Jane Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization, was officially established in 2011. This foundation helps cancer patients in need in Frederick County, Washington County and Allegany County Maryland.

Our motto is “Working Together, Saving Lives!”


About BJCF:

Cancer treatment has advanced significantly in recent years. Drug therapy now has the potential to extend life beyond previous expectations. Unfortunately, these drugs are very expensive and can often create financial hardship for the patient. The Bettie Jane Cancer Foundation exists to help pay for the cost of these treatments. Whether through assistance with insurance costs or direct offset of medication costs, the Bettie Jane Cancer Foundation stands beside those in need.


What events do they hold?  

They organize an annual “Walk for Cancer” as well as an Annual Gala in an effort to raise awareness and funds to further assist the charity.


Why did Erin-Leigh choose this charity?

Bettie Jane Bryant is a woman that is near and dear to Erin-Leigh’s heart as she is the owner of the dance studio she has been teaching for the last 17 years. Bettie Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and is currently cancer free.

While undergoing her treatments she quickly realized how expensive everything is and how there are many out there in her community that would not be able to afford it. She was lucky enough to have private insurance and Aaflac to help cover her costs, but still owed a bit of money.

Having already been involved in charitable donations with Cystic Fibrosis and others from her recital proceeds each year she was determined to help others along their cancer journeys.

The foundation assists with medicine and medical care, retail pharmacy grants (to cover co-pays and drugs), gas cards, utilities and cosmetic accessories (wigs, mastectomy bras or prosthesis) for any Cancer patient that is a US Citizen residing in Frederick County, Washington County and  Allegany County Maryland.


Erin-Leigh has participated in the 5K walk held each Spring.


For more information, go to:


Please congratulate Erin-Leigh on her desire to volunteer and support those that are truly making a difference in her community!


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