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Elevation Donates to the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Center

elevation news Jul 18, 2019

Congratulations to our June winner, Sara Harman, for her nomination to our Charity Program – “Elevate our Community”!


Sara nominated Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Center (BARCS).


What is BARCS?

BARCS is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization operating Maryland’s largest animal shelter and pet adoption center. We are an open admission shelter, granting refuge to every abandoned, neglected, abused, lost or surrendered animal that comes through our door. A staggering 30 or more animals are surrendered to BARCS every day. No matter what the circumstance, we do not turn away any animal in need of shelter, food, medical care and a loving touch. Yearly, this equates to more than 12,000 dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, and even wildlife and exotic animals that need care and placement.

Each year, BARCS is growing, evolving and working to implement new innovative programs that benefit animals in need and the neighborhoods that support them.


How far have they come?

What does progress look like? When you step into our bustling adoption lobby, it's hard to imagine that only a decade ago, most animals that entered this very same building lost their lives. Only 2% of the animals were spared, while the other 98% were euthanized without a hope of finding a family. Today, BARCS is saving more than 90% of the animals brought to our shelter–a number that positively increases each and every year since our inception. Your support through adoption, donations and volunteering is critical to our success.


Commitment to Community:

Along with animal adoption services, BARCS provides resources and low-cost services to pets and people in our community. Free and low-cost medical vaccine clinics, off-site community days and our public food bank are just some of the ways we are helping pet owners in need and touching the lives of thousands of families in our community. Every family pet we can help can means one less animal being surrendered to our shelter. At BARCS, we believe that animal welfare isn't just a shelter issue–it's a community issue. We are committed to both the animals and citizens of Baltimore City.


BARC’s Vision for the Future:

BARCS' vision is to become a model open admission shelter–a shelter that does not turn away an animal with no place to go and is a true resource for the people and animals of Baltimore. We envision an animal shelter where all animals in good health and temperament find new homes, where they are housed in a low stress, comfortable environment, where spay/neuter surgeries are offered at low cost to the Baltimore community, where residents can turn to in times of personal crisis for help with their pet, where citizens are educated on the proper care of animals, and where abused and neglected animals can receive the love and care they need to recover.

We are proud of our accomplishments over the past few years, but with increased financial support, we can achieve much more. It is a critical time for BARCS–our resources are limited and much of our work is done by volunteers and a small, dedicated staff.

Our goals are to build a new, larger shelter to comfortably house the large volume of animals we receive and to enable us to expand our programs and services, continue to raise awareness and community support in order to expand our life-saving programs, and create a more humane city for all of our animals.


Why did Sara choose this charity?

From Sara’s nomination: 

“I have a passion for animals and it pains me to see that, in 2019, we still don’t have laws that protect animals in a meaningful way.  We should have spay and neuter laws until shelters aren’t needed. The good people that work at these facilities pour their heart and souls into their jobs and deal with so much heartbreak.”


For more information, go to:


Please congratulate Sara on her nomination for a charity that is near and dear to her heart!


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