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Elevation Donates to HomeAid Los Angeles

elevation news Dec 01, 2018

Congratulations to our October winner, Micaela Robinson, for her nomination to our Charity Program – #ElevateOurCommunity!

Micaela nominated HomeAid Los Angeles.


What is HomeAid Los Angeles?

HomeAid Los Angeles  is a 501(c)(3) charity that identifies long-term, stable homeless care providers who need additional capacity and pairs them with our builders, vendors and suppliers, who donate their time, materials and labor to rehabilitate and build housing for Los Angeles' homeless. Their care provider partners serve:

  • Youth who have aged out of foster care
  • Women in crisis pregnancy
  • Victims of domestic violence and spousal desertion
  • Children who have become homeless due to a family crisis
  • Mentally challenged
  • Adults living with HIV/AIDS
  • Families and individuals who are homeless as a result of job loss or illness
  • Individuals and families suffering from drug and alcohol abuse
  • Veterans

HomeAid Los Angeles serves as the housing developer and liaison between our homeless care providers, the community at large, volunteers, builders, remodelers and developers, and their suppliers and vendors.

What do they do?  

More than 80 percent of the total homeless population in Los Angeles are women, children and families who have experienced a life-altering event such as job loss, divorce, abuse, or medical condition that drives them to homelessness.

In the vast majority of situations homeless individuals and families need a chance to get their feet back on the ground and attain or regain their self-sufficiency.

Why did Micaela choose this charity?

While she has never volunteered for the charity, she works very closely with one of our client’s contacts who introduced her to HomeAid LA.  This contact works tirelessly to ensure the current and future success of this important charity. Homelessness is a big problem in the Los Angeles area and this charity provides a stepping stone to those most affected and vulnerable.

Micaela has suggested to her contact that some of her group fitness instructors volunteer to put on a fitness day with HomeAid LA.


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